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IIT's eRouteLogistics® - Territory Planner is a web-based software application with a very sophisticated and efficient core territory dividing algorithm engine created specifically to assist in achieving the goal of sub-dividing the grid-systems into operational areas.

The software application is designed in a modular and open architecture to allow for easy customization and integration with other systems if required. Territory Planner has a rich Map Centric Graphical User Interface to easily break zones into smaller entities. It comes with import utilities to easily import the customer service order data from external databases in open formats such as Microsoft Excel or Comma Separated Value (CSV) file formats.

Key Features:
  1. IIT's Internal System Grid
    1. Seamless US coverage
    2. System Hierarchy: Region, District, Division, Op. Area/Depot
    3. Grid System: 10 x 10 = 135 x 170 miles
  2. Four levels of grid : 15 min, 3 min, 36 sec, 9 sec
  3. User Defined grids
    1. User has the flexibility to define the grid's start point
  4. Customer information based on grid assignment
  5. Types of Territories
    1. Op. Area Service Area
    2. Division Service Area
    3. Sales Territory
    4. Pricing Territory
    5. Flow Control
    6. Geofencing
    7. DOW Boundary
    8. Line of Business
    9. Route Boundary
  6. Depot Assignment
  7. Route Assignment by grid number
  8. Sales Targeting
  9. Sales Territory
  10. Reports
    1. Four level grid
    2. Current Summary
    3. Proposed Summary
    4. Detailed Changes
  11. Disposal Cost Optimization - preferred landfill
  12. Variance Report/ Profitability Analysis
  13. Potential Container upsizing
  14. Pricing Variance