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Common Fleet Operations Optimization Solution:
  1. Public Works
  2. Solid Waste & Recycling
  3. Public Safety (Fire, Police, EMS)
  4.  Passenger Transportation
  5.  Pupil Transportation

Key Benefits:
  1. Immediate savings of 10-30%: Reduce miles traveled = lower fuel cost
  2. Leverage a common IT & GIS Infrastructure when implementing across agencies
  3. Makes  spending of tax payer  dollars on critical functions optimal

IIT's integrated Fleet Operations Optimization Solution which includes route optimization, rule based CAD, scheduling, dispatch, GPS tracking/AVL, mobile communications and in-vehicle navigation is designed with municipal sector in mind and has been implemented across cities, towns, municipalities and regional deployments in North America.

Industry Challenges:
  1. Budget-cuts, service eliminations, tax revenue reduction – do more with less resources
  2. Desire to improve efficiencies and to provide value to tax payers 
  3. Desire to implement citywide/region wide common Enterprise Solution while meeting various city-wide fleet operations that have very different needs and requirements
  4. Leverage and extend the benefits of IT investments such as GIS, CRM, and server technologies
  5. Desire to keep  data/information in-house

Key Features:
  1. GIS-Based- Solution has a GIS backbone and therefore integrates seamlessly with city’s existing GIS layers. Additionally, availability of GIS experts makes usage, training and implementation very smooth.
  2. Fully web based –install at one location, instant deployment city-wide. Helpful for cities with multiple departments across multiple sites.
  3. Unlimited User-Licenses
  4. Fully Bundled Solution
  5. Multi-dimensional service options:  Do-It-Yourself (Full License Purchase, Hosted (SaaS) Solution) OR Get-It-Done: Professional Services
  6. Map centric user interface – easy to visualize your customer locations, territories, and routes
  7. Easy to use customer address locating tools with our built-in Geocoding engine
  8. Open standards API – easy integration with city’s existing 311, customer service, CRM and Accounting systems
  9. Proven Fleet Operations Optimization provider to several large and mid-sized cities, towns and municipalities
  10. Flexible Implementation & Licensing Options
    1. Do-It-Yourself
      1. Full License Purchase
      2. Hosted (SaaS) by IIT
    2. Get-It-Done
      1. Professional Services