Passenger Transportation
Passenger Transportation
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Passenger TransportationPassenger Transportation
  1. Route Optimization & Scheduling
  2. Parking, Pairing, Tiering Optimization
  3. GPS Tracking
  4. Dispatch
  5. Mobile Communications

Key Benefits:
  1. Savings 10–20%
  2. Easy to use
  3. Improve safety
  4. Improve customer service
  5. Streamline daily operation
  6. Efficient use of vehicles and drivers
  7. Optimal use of parking facilities
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IIT's eRoutelogistics® - Passenger Transportation software is an integrated solution covering all aspects of route planning, route optimization, vehicle and passenger scheduling, dispatch and vehicle tracking. It features the most advanced route optimization tools tailored to the pupil/passenger transportation industry.

Industry Challenges:  
  1. Under utilization of buses
  2. Meeting tight bell-time of different schools
  3. Minimizing wait time at stops
  4. Handling daily requests for different pick-up and drop-off locations
  5. Handling special needs requirements
  6. Making sure that certain grade levels are not inter-mixed
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Key Features:  
  1. Route Optimization – the only true route optimization application in this industry that takes your industry’s constraints and produce efficient routes while minimizing number of vehicles, miles, and time
  2. Cost Based Optimization – minimize overall cost including $/mile, $/hour, prorated vehicle cost
  3. Passenger Management – handling daily requests for different pick-up and drop-off locations, field trip requests, and specific requirements of different programs
  4. Driver scheduling – handle driver vacation/holiday schedule and driver skill level
  5. Vehicle assignment optimization – efficiently assign vehicles to routes honoring load factor constraints and different vehicle types
  6. Parking, Pairing, and Tiering optimization – the only Pupil Transportation solution that has the ability to produce at least 10% savings without changing existing routes –  resulting in minimal operational modifications while maximizing savings
  7. Passenger to stop assignment and optimization – minimize number of stops
  8. Handle complex business rules:
    1. No walk
    2. No cross
    3. Predator zones
    4. Hazardous zones
  9. Customer and parent care portal – handle day-to-day adhoc requests and provide visibility of student whereabouts to parents
  10. Calendar Management – manages passenger activity calendar, driver’s availability, fleet availability
  11. Fleet Management – optimally assign fleet to routes and optimal parking locations