Waste Hauling
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Waste HaulingWaste Hauling
  1. Territory Planning
  2. Route Optimization
  3. Disposal Cost Optimization
  4. GPS Tracking
  5. Scheduling & Dispatch
  6. On-Board Computer
  7. In-Vehicle Navigation System
Key Benefits:
  1. Savings 10-35%
  2. Payback within months
  3. Easy to use
  4. Improve safety
  5. Improve customer service
  6. Improve productivity (Hauls/hr)
  7. Streamline daily operation
  8. Efficient Fleet & Resource Management
  9. Enhanced capacity management
  10. Decrease same day missed pickups
  11. Maximize asset utilization
  12. Increase extra pickups per route
  13. Consolidate dispatch centers
  14. Increase route to dispatcher ratio

IIT's eRouteLogistics® is a route optimization software for Waste Collection that supports multiple lines of business including Commercial, Residential and Roll-Off.

Using eRouteLogistics® for Waste Collection, you can realize higher productivity gains and lower operational costs than alternatives along with the reduction in hauling costs, disposal costs and capital costs. Savings opportunities can be realized by reducing miles driven, hours spent, reduction in the number of vehicles required and reduction in total disposal cost. IIT’s integrated product suite for Waste Industry also provides for other opportunities like dynamic dispatch, real-time vehicle tracking and planned v/s actual comparison, thus providing increased operational excellence.

With eRouteLogistics®,  you can optimize your routes daily or weekly and for Roll-Off  line of business you can optimize your previous day and same day tickets for the various service types and container sizes while meeting depot, yard and land fill time windows.

This route planning and route optimization solution has been implemented by the first and second largest as well as other top waste haulers in North America with combined fleet size of over 35,000 vehicles and has proven savings of 10% to 35%.

Industry Challenges:
  1. Meeting time windows
  2. Right-hand side pick-up only
  3. Account for vehicle capacity, compaction ratio, disposal trips
  4. Account for different scenarios like winter routes Vs summer routes
  5. Different business rules for Residential, Commercial and Roll-Off
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RollOff Truck
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Key Features:
  1. Fully Web-Based Solution - easy access and deployment
  2. End-to-End Route Life Cycle Improvement
  3. Unlimited End-User Licenses
  4. Fully Bundled Solution - ready to use
  5. Capability to Integrate Seamlessly
  6. Solid Waste Routing, not a generic Routing Product
  7. Award-Winning & Proven
  8. Weekly Load Balancing
  9. Scenario Manager
  10. Ability to compare "Planned" Vs "Actuals"
  11. Solution is hardware & wireless carrier independent
  12. Flexible Implementation & Licensing Options
    1. Do-It-Yourself
      1. Full License Purchase
      2. Hosted (SaaS) by IIT
    2. Get-It-Done
      1. Professional Services
  13. Route dispatchers performing check out (Route preparations)
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Residencial Trak
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Load Track
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  1. Drivers to track the disposition of fulfilling a service to a customer
  2. Route dispatchers monitoring drivers route execution
  3. Route dispatchers and drivers performing check in (Route exception and reconciliation)
  4. Route managers performing performance reporting