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IIT was founded to provide premier logistics software products and services that epitomize the best practices of Operations Research (OR) and Management Sciences in combination with the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Logistics, and Automated Vehicle Location (AVL/GPS) technology to deliver real-world practical solutions to various industries and public/private entities.Business Function

We understand that different industries’ routing needs are unique and that no generic routing tool in the market can meet all the complex rules and constraints of each industry.  Our approach and business goal is to totally immerse ourselves in understanding each industry’s business requirements.  We strive to tailor our Software Application Suite to handle each industry’s specific business constraints while minimizing the need for our End Users to be experts in the science of Operations Research, GIS, AVL, algorithm or computing technologies.  This is evident in the fact that at the very core of our solutions for various industries are embedded with tailored route optimization engines specifically developed to handle the routing constraints of each industry.  Nonetheless, we are able to architect our solutions to leverage the reuse of key software and IT framework to maximize the benefits of our client’s investments in our technology for different End-to-End modules while also capable of incorporating and integrating with our client’s existing technologies such as GIS and other IT infrastructure.

Our software products and services are proven to provide truly measurable immediate and long term Return on Investment (ROI) to our clients.  Our clients include companies operating some of largest fleet sizes in the nation and are top leaders in their respective industries.  Our product focus is to continuously bridge our technical expertise with our client’s needs to produce the most advanced and practical GIS, AVL, and Route Optimization tools that are tailored specifically to each client’s industry needs.

Our products are developed from the ground up to be a truly browser-based Enterprise level solution.  That means our solutions are extremely scalable for multi-site deployments providing easy application access via web-browsers while having centralized IT management and corporate visibility.  Our products also include tools that will allow for comprehensive and continuous route efficiency improvements – from route optimization planning, to scheduling, dispatching, tracking, and route auditing.  IIT differentiates itself from other companies (with desktop products and offering only one component of the route improvement toolset) by offering a comprehensive solution on a common Enterprise level GIS/IT infrastructure in a seamless environment.

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